Trail Blazers Corporate Partnerships turn OUR fans into YOUR fans

We take our name as Trail Blazers quite literally. We do things differently. Blaze trails. Make a better way. And that philosophy applies to our approach with corporate partners as well. When we join your team, we create a custom game plan that is designed to maximize results for you and your brand. Whether you are looking to drive traffic, increase sales, provide hospitality, increase awareness, activate your brand or anything in between, we have the ideas, resources and capabilities to score you the win!

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  • Gus Farah, Corporate Sales Manager


    With 20 years of media experience including promotion, radio, sales and management, Gus offers clients a unique blend of strategic marketing conseling, creative message development and creation of business strategies.

    "I love working for the Trail Blazers because of the difference the team can make in the lives of Portlanders."

  • Jennifer Glickman-Hett, Corporate Sales Manager


    Jennifer offers 25 years of experience in the Portland media industry including being named Salesperson of the Year twice for KINK Radio, but her first stint as a Trail Blazer was actually as a ball girl. In addition to her four years as a Sales Manager for the team, she previously worked in PR and Corporate Service. Jennifer is also a busy volunteer at Bridlemile Elementary School.

    "I love creating partnerships that culminate in a positive experience for our clients and give our partners an opportunity to interact with the brand."

  • Kilynn Honiotes, Corporate Sales Manager


    A Chicago native and graduate of Indiana University, Kilynn leverages her experience with Feld Motorsports Inc. previously known as Clear Channel Entertainment Motorsports, and Live Nation Motorsports, and as a service manager for the Trail Blazers for the benefit of her clients. She is active in the community as a mentor for Minds Matter.

    "I love getting to know my clients on a professional and personal level and collaborating wllh them to create programs thal make a difference in their business."

  • Theresa Link, Corporate Sales Manager


    With more than 25 years of experience in broadcast sales including TV and Radio, Theresa specializes in analyzing company challenges and developing strategic marketing campaigns to accomplish business goals.

    "My favorite thing about working in sales at the Trail Blazers is the ability to represent a company that is rich in passion and vision at all levels of the organization, and use that passion and vision to enhance my clients endeavors."

  • Dan Scheinman, Corporate Sales Manager


    A University of Oregon graduate, Dan began his career at the Trail Blazers as a community relations intern. He also worked as a service manager for two years before transitioning into sales. Outside of work, Dan serves on the American Cancer Society's Board of Directors and is a Big Brother in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters Program.

    "I love being able to work with businesses to create programs that make fans cheer, yell, high-five and fist bump for partners' brands because of the company's connection to the Trail Blazers."

  • Steve Scott, Vice President, Corporate Partnership Sales and Service


    Steve started his career in radio where he spent 22 years in the Portland broadcast industry before moving to the Trail Blazers where is now responsible for strategic sponsorship initiatives and new partner development. He spent seven years in the Lincoln High School Booster club, and now serves on the Board of Directors for the Green Sports Alliance.

    "I love working for the Trail Blazers because you have unlimited options to help our partners' business challenges."

  • Kevin Williams, Corporate Sales Manager


    Entering his 7th season with the franchise, Kevin has 12 years of experience in the professional sports industry including the NFL and NBA. His background includes television and radio sales in Seattle and he has been involved with the opening of sports venues and signage design. Kevin has also been an Advisory Board Member at OAME for four years.

    "I love the changing landscape of the Trail Blazers business. No two days are the same and I like working with a diverse group of people, and of course, I like golfing with clients!"