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Chicago Bulls Fantasy Experiences

Also: Bulls offer younger fans “Fantasy Experience” of Honorary Ball Person

Here is your chance to not only watch the action, but be a part of it!

The Bulls have created several new opportunities for fans of all ages to live out their sports fantasies without having to compete in grueling contests, try their luck at a raffle or coax a genie out of a lamp.

Sports enthusiasts who have dreamed of becoming an integral part of game day action can now make those dreams reality through the new Chicago Bulls Fantasy Experiences program.

By purchasing one of 12 pre-designed fantasy packages or proposing a creation of their own, fans can experience privileges that have, until now, only been available to those living and working in the NBA.

Each package can be tailor-made to fit the interests and dreams of each individual purchaser so prices will vary depending on the individual design of each experience. Fans interested in taking advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity can expect to pay $800 or more depending on the elements they select or the package they create.

On top of the joy of living out the experience itself, fans will take heart in knowing that their purchase will help create more opportunities for Chicago’s youth. All proceeds from each Bulls Fantasy Experience will benefit Chicago Bulls Charities and its programs. The Bulls’ non-profit organization aims to create and support educational, recreational and social opportunities for young Chicagoans.

Because each individual fan’s ultimate sports fantasy is unique, the combinations are endless. However, the Bulls have designed 12 possibilities to get their fans’ creative juices flowing.

All packages include premium game tickets and exclusive perks with all proceeds benefiting Chicago Bulls Charities. All experiences are available for purchase by contacting the Bulls at 312.455.4161 or at fantasy@bulls.com.

Ball Person Experience
Gameday VIP Experience

Enjoy a Bulls home game like a true VIP – and bring three of your closest friends. This opportunity caters to the sports enthusiast who likes to be treated like royalty.

  • 4 100 Level tickets to a Bulls home game
  • Free parking
  • 4 courtside seats to watch the pre-game shootaround
  • Custom Bulls jersey for each guest (4)
  • Gift bag for each guest (4)
  • Special mention of the VIP by name on the scoreboard during the game
  • Escorted access to the talent corridor before the game
  • Personal Bulls staff member as host for the night

Honorary First Ball Presentation
Honorary First Ball Presentation

Those aspiring to be a CEO would relish this opportunity to be treated like one. As presenter of the game ball, you immediately earn the reputation of an official mover and shaker.


  • 4 100 Level tickets to a Bulls home game
  • Free parking
  • One guest presents team ball to referees prior to tip-off
  • Commemorative photo of on-court ball presentation
  • Gift bag for each guest (4)

NBA Reporter for a Day

For those who have a keen knowledge of sports and a gift with the written word, but haven’t yet been hired by Sports Illustrated, this fantasy will have them dreaming about Pulitzer Prizes.

  • Arrive at the United Center through the press gate at 5:00 p.m.
  • 4 100 Level tickets to a Bulls home game
  • Free parking
  • Dinner in the press lounge for “reporter” (1)
  • On-court photo
  • Article to be published on www.bulls.com

Honorary Ball Person
Honorary Ball Person

Help the Bulls sharpen their shooting skills by assisting during pre-game warm-ups.

  • 4 100 Level tickets to a Bulls home game
  • Arrive at the arena at 5:30 p.m.
  • Rebound for the players on court during pre-game warm-ups until 6:45 p.m.
  • On-court photo
  • Receive Bulls t-shirt, hat and gym bag

Ultimate Suite Party Experience

For those who like to share their good fortune with others, this “sweet” suite party is the ideal.

  • Suite for 20 people
  • Catered food and beverage
  • Early access to arena for entire group to watch shootaround
  • Name of group to appear on the scoreboard during the game
  • Personal visit from Bob Love and Benny the Bull
  • Gifts for all attendees
  • On-court photo of entire group

VIP Tour of the United Center

For the chance to go behind the scenes and see the United Center from top to bottom, fans can take the VIP tour with up to 20 of their closest friends.

  • 1-1 1/2 hour tour of building for 15-20 people
  • Tour hosted by two guides, Bob Love and Benny the Bull
  • Tour includes locker room, talent corridor, suite levels, concourses, arena floor and office lobby
  • Group photo of outing
  • Group photo by Michael Jordan statue

6th Man Experience
6th Man Experience

The Bulls have always said the fans are their sixth man. They’re making that statement a reality by allowing a fan to become part of the team for a night.

  • Two seats on Bulls’ bench to watch shootaround
  • Custom Bulls jersey for participants (2)
  • 2 100 Level tickets to a Bulls home game
  • Scoreboard announcement during game
  • Commemorative photo of participants during experience

Public Address Announcer Experience

If you have ever called play-by-play from your couch, now is your chance to step up to the real mike. Take Bulls’ PA Announcer Steve Scott’s seat for a night and chase down your dream career in broadcasting.

  • 4 100 Level tickets to a Bulls home game
  • Free parking
  • Announce opening of United Center gates and pre-game announcements
  • Access to talent corridor before the game
  • Photo with other announcers
  • Dinner in press lounge (1)

H-O-R-S-E Experience at the United Center or Berto Center

H-O-R-S-E around like the players do and host three friends on the Bulls’ court for a little competition.

  • 4 total guests
  • One hour court time to play H-O-R-S-E
  • Basketball for each guest (4)
  • Guided tour of the facility
  • Catered lunch
  • Gift bags for all participants (4)

Honorary Floor Sweeper

Got no game, but want some court time? Become a part of the crew behind the scenes by participating as an Honorary Floor Sweeper at a home game.

  • 4 100 Level tickets to a Bulls home game
  • All guests will sweep the floor once during pre-game and once during halftime
  • Gift bags for all participants (4)
  • On-court group photo

Berto Center Basketball Clinic Experience

A basketball clinic at the Berto Center is the perfect answer for the “weekend warrior” looking for a few tips from the pros.

  • Basketball clinic at Berto Center for 10 people (off-season months only)
  • Clinic instruction given by one current and one former Bulls player
  • Guided tour of the facility
  • Gift bags for all participants (10)
    • 4 100 Level tickets to a Bulls home game
    • Free parking
    • Early access to arena to watch shootaround
    • Courtside seats to watch shootaround from 5:30-7:00 p.m.
    • Gift bags for each participant (4)
    • On-court photo

VIP Shootaround Opportunity

Fans who just can’t get enough Bulls basketball will love watching the game unfold from beginning to end from some of the best seats in the house.


Or create your own Chicago Bulls Fantasy Experience!

Fantasy Experiences can be coordinated by calling the Bulls at 312.455.4161 or
sending an email to fantasy@bulls.com.