That's What He Said - 76ers at Celtics

That's What He Said

76ers at Celtics
TD Garden, January 2, 2014

Celtics 94

Brad Stevens

Re: How he keeps Boston's spirits up:

"Well, I told them, ‘What you can’t do’ – I don’t want to misquote this, but ‘You can’t let your circumstances control your thoughts. You have to make your thoughts improve your circumstances.’ And everybody wants something, but we have to make small tweaks and changes to get something. And that’s the hard part, is getting guys to do that through a dispiriting loss. But, you know, I’m not going to be that way, and it’s my job to try to be contagious in not being that way."

Re: If the lack of a timeout confused Boston's defense on the final play:

"I think, and I would be interested if they had a camera on (Head Coach) Brett (Brown) he’s probably in-between time-out/ no time-out. And then when (Michael) Carter-Williams kind of stalls at half-court, I’m sure he’s thinking ‘time-out/no time-out; am I running down and yelling it?’ But then, you know, the one thing that I knew was that when (Evan) Turner got the ball, he was shooting. I knew that. And I wish we could have kept him from getting to where he went, but it wasn’t from effort and it wasn’t from desire and it wasn’t from making him make a tough shot. But he made it, and Evan Turner has a history of doing that in these situations. And that’s why I thought he’d shoot it."

Re: If he was surprised about the non-timeout:

"No, when you can get it and go in kind of broken transition, or if you feel like you’ve got an advantage or – what are you going to draw up with five or six seconds left, where Evan Turner’s got the ball at the top of the key with the floor spread? That’s what you’re drawing up, probably. So at the end of the day, I commend them for trusting his guys. In a lot of cases I hope I’d do the same. But, again, sometimes on nights like tonight it’s a game where you know, we make the shot and they miss it, you feel a lot better, but they made it and we missed it so we don’t feel as good."

Re: The importance of positive results outside of the loss:

"Yeah. Yeah. Again, I think you have to be really mentally tough to learn through and to grow through tough circumstances, but you have to be really mentally tough to win a playoff series. You have to be really mentally tough to come back from a bad loss and win the next night. If you’re not mentally tough, you have a ceiling in this business. So you might as well learn it now, and I think that’s the biggest thing about it. These kind of games, and our response to these kind of games, will tell me a lot about what we’ll look like down the road."

Re: If the loss was worse because of the big night of Jared Sullinger:

"No, I mean I don’t judge it that way. I mean, he didn’t shoot it well. He did have 17 rebounds and 24 points and I thought he was a warrior the whole night; I thought he did a great job defensively on (Thaddeus) Young when he got switched off onto him. He played his best game in a while, but he still didn’t shoot it the way that he’s used to shooting it. That said, we have to have great performances to win. Doesn’t mean people have to play above their level; they have to play at their level. And it’s good to see him playing well. But with 25 shots, he can get even better and better and better. And I loved – I didn’t have a problem with any of them – I mean, he shot good shots the whole night. He’ll make more of those once he gets healthy."

Jared Sullinger

Re: His game:

"I missed a lot of shots that I normally make. I just got to keep plugging away."

Re: His presence on the boards:

"I just got to keep doing it, offensively and defensively it was a tough one to swallow."

Re: Keeping spirits up in the locker room:

"I think we have a good set of guys in here that keeps our morale at a good level. We constantly come out and compete, other then last night and we bounced back tonight and competed. We just got to win some."

Kris Humphries

Re: Expecting a timeout from Philly in the final moments:

"Were we expecting a timeout? You just play and just go with the flow."

Re: The way the game ended being a tough pill to swallow:

"You know, we played great in the stretched and we wanted to win the game. So it is difficult and all you can do is practice hard and get ready for Sunday."

Re: How the team stays positive:

"If you have animals you go home hang out with them and spend time with family and you focus on your hobby when not your practicing. When you are practicing you practice hard and get ready for the next game."

76ers 95

Brett Brown

Re: Not calling a timeout on the final play:

"I tell you, it's one of the most difficult decisions because it seems like life is in slow motion. Do you call a timeout, don’t you call a timeout, do you call a timeout, don’t you call a timeout and I feel like I’ve learned the busted play, the broken play, the random play is probably as good of an environment as you’re going to get often. Michael (Carter-William) on a great defensive rebound and pushing it in a spread court and just sort of a broken type of atmosphere we decided to go with and not call a time out and we were lucky that it worked."

Re: Evan Turner in the final moments:

"You could see he wanted the ball down the end, like he was trying to be physical some of the smaller players and he did. I was kind of surprised Michael (Carter-Williams) was mature, he gave it up. I thought Michael was going to try to win the day and he gave it up, to his credit, Evan (Turner) had a little bit of momentum he (Michael Carter-Williams) gave it up. I thought we did an excellent job of passing the ball. As a team I thought it was our best passing effort. We talked a lot about not playing in a crowd, not getting our shot blocked, take your attack mentality and play with each other. We had 26 assists out of 37 made baskets; that’s a big number. I thought we shared the ball quite well."

Re: The Sixers' defense:

"There are always those bursts that we come down and we take a bad shot and they run it back at us so we just never missed assignment. You feel the game flip so easily at times in our disadvantage and I think its won out of quick three’s and not getting back and I feel like other than that we did a decent job of guarding."

Re: If he thought free throw shooting would cost his team the win:

"...'No' is my answer. But to think like, you know, you don’t want to get fouled so you shouldn’t drive. What did we end up shooting from the line, you know 14 for 25. I mean really when you look at the numbers, 14 for 25 we got pounded on the boards, they beasted us in the second half with 18 offensive rebounds. If it weren’t for holding them to 37 percent really and you know you try to find out the significant stats on the score sheet I don’t know I feel we were lucky to come out of there with a win but that’s what we did and we’ll take it."

Re: The Sixers and Celtics meeting someday in the playoffs:

"For me personally for sure, but I think you dig a lot deeper then me. It's sort of been like that for many, many moons. I’d like to see it get to that level, as I remember it, the Philly/Boston battles were always special and I look forward to trying to help rekindle those types of memories. It always gets down to the quality of the teams as we build our programs, hopefully we can all experience some playoff basketball down the road, hopefully not too far down the road and then I think the rivalry becomes even more real."

Michael Carter-Williams

Re: Playing in front of his hometown crowd:

"Oh, it was great playing in front of everybody and them coming out to support me and Im thankful for it and I’m glad we got the win for them."

Re: Getting the crucial final rebound:

"It was really in the flow of the game. If I came out and I was feeling really good and my shot was going down and I was finishing layups, then maybe I would have thought about taking a shot but the game, there were some ups and downs and I wasn’t finishing, the ball wasn’t going down. It was really my day. When I got the ball I first wanted to get the rebound, that’s the biggest part of it, the whole possession is us rebounding and getting the chance to get the shot. When I got it, I cant remember who was on me, but I saw ET (Evan Turner) and he had a smaller defender on him so I got him the ball and he made a great finish to get us the win. And at the end of the day it’s all about getting us the win, so I was giving us the best chance to win."

Re: If he could hear his family in the crowd:

"Yeah, it was great playing in front of them. I hope they come out to support me whenever I come down here to play. Like I said before, I’m thankful for it and I had a great time."

Evan Turner

Re: Thoughts on the last series of plays:

"I was still shocked that I missed the free throw, the second free throw to tie it up. So there has to be something going on, I just airballed four times. There has to be something going on, so coach just said get the rebound so we got the rebound. I went and got it from Mike (Carter-Williams) and I saw Jerryd Bayless switch on to me as opposed to Jeff Green, so I knew I had a little bit of an advantage for a shot over him, so we called body, I thought I got hit a little bit, but I just put it up and it felt good and went in."

Re: If he was waiting for his coach to call a timeout on the last play:

"No I was going to get it, so I wasn’t listening at all. I was just going to get it and try to get a good shot up."

Re: What this win means:

"It's huge obviously, we pulled through and came back from giving up a lead. At the same time we got to finish off those free throws and make it easy on us. Coach Brown when he took the job was kind of a sandy blonde, but now he's a gray haired man. You know, we cant ruin his time."

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