Office Address: 15 MetroTech Center, 11th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Telephone: 718-933-3000
Fax: 718-942-9595
Web Address:
Owner Mikhail Prokhorov
Chairman of the Board of Directors Dmitry Razumov
President, ONEXIM Sports and Entertainment Holding USA, Inc. Maureen Hanlon
Chief Executive Officer Brett Yormark
Chief Experience Officer Leo Ehrline
Executive Vice President, Business Affairs and Chief Legal & Compliance Officer Jeff Gewirtz
Executive Vice President, Acquisitions and Strategic Advisor Charlie Mierswa
Chief Financial Officer Eu-Gene Sung
Chief Revenue Officer Michael Zavodsky
Chief Marketing Officer Elizabeth Brooks
Senior Vice President, Global Partnerships Joshua Pruss
Senior Vice President, Ticket Sales and Service John Baier
Senior Vice President, Tickets – Strategy and Operations Dan Lefton
Vice President, Communications Mandy Gutmann
Medical Director & Head Team Physician Riley J. Williams III, MD
Team Physician/Internal Medicine Michael Farber, MD
Team Physician/Orthopedics Martin O'Malley, MD
Executive Assistant to Chief Executive Officer Theresa Alaimo
Administrative Assistant to Chief Executive Officer Paul Nedorostek
Executive Assistant to Chief Marketing Officer Ngozi Mogoli
Executive Assistant to Chief Financial Officer Natasha Bradley
Executive Assistant to the General Manager Amanda Bucci
Manager, Legal Services Gail Gaddis
Executive Assistant, Ticket Sales Laura Hart
Coordinator, Global Partnerships Joe Wetzler
Vice President, Business Strategy & Analytics Randy Lewis
Vice President, Global Merchandising Tyrel Kirkham
Vice President, Creative & Content Management Jeff Gamble
Vice President, Team Marketing Marcus Minifee
Senior Director, Business Strategy & Analytics Michael Shear
Director, Team Marketing Anthony Zucconi
Manager, Team Marketing Derick Beresford
Senior Manager, Video Production Anthony Ingrassia
Senior Manager, Creative Projects Joe Lipari
Manager, Creative Projects Ilex Bien-Aime
Sr. Director, Digital & Social Media Dan LaTorraca
Interactive Marketing Manager Keith Isada
Web Producer Demetris Sapp
Web Developer Danby Wong
Web Developer Matthew Smith
Digital Content Writer Alex Labidou
Coordinator, Social Media Matthew Creagan
Graphic Designer Leon Hunter
Graphic Designer Victoria Caswell
Graphic Designer Jessie Kavana
Graphic Designer Jonel Filsaime
Director, Business Strategy & Analytics Michael King
CRM Analyst Bria Grant
Research Analyst Ben Rosenwald
Data Integrity Specialist Nathaniel Shire
Manager, Video Brendan Awerbuch
Video Coordinator Wesley Stafford
Video Editor Ryan Benedick
Manager, Global Marketing Solutions Katrina Palanca
Coordinator, Global Marketing Solutions Rachel Steinberg
Coordinator, Global Marketing Solutions Asia Carr
Coordinator, Global Marketing Solutions Samuel Grill
Coordinator, Email Marketing Mackenzie Whalen
Coordinator, Email Marketing Staci Sumurdy
Coordinator, Marketing Amanda Landstrom
I/O Media Coordinator Jillian Margolis
Executive Director, Broadcasting Chris Carrino
Radio Commentator Tim Capstraw
Senior Manager, Communications Stuart Bryan
Coordinator, Communications Brittany Borsanyi
Senior Director, Community Relations Heather Hall
Senior Manager, Community Relations Michael Wisniewski
Coordinator, Community Relations Courtney Lapsley
Vice President, Global Partnerships Kellen Benjamin
Vice President, Global Partnerships Christopher Lombardo
Senior Director, Global Partnerships Daniel Gaiman
Senior Manager, Global Partnerships Michael Minnella
Senior Manager, Global Partnerships Daniel Green
Senior Manager, Global Partnerships Sales Matt Smith
Manager, Global Partnership Sales Phil Valente
Vice President, Game Presentation Paul Kamras
Director, Entertainment Marketing Criscia Long
Manager, Game Presentation Gina Nassivera
Coordinator, Game Presentation Troy Press
Head Coach, Dance Team Adar Wellington
Public Address Announcer Olivier Sedra
Entertainment Coordinator Alan Leung
Entertainment Coordinator Shenay Rivers

Vice President, Financial Planning & Analysis Michael White
Vice President, Controller Josue Napa
Senior Director, Financial Analysis & Budgeting Jason Oddo
Director, Financial and Ticket Analysis Jared Kaye
Senior Manager, Accounting Patrick Bliss
Senior Accountant Andrew Pedowitz
Accounts Payable Specialist Jazmine Mealy-Hicks
Vice President, Group Sales Kirk King
Director, Group Sales David Nosti
Director of Youth Basketball Abner Neufeld
Manager, Group Sales Joe Grande
Coordinator, Group Sales Deena Sena
Account Executive, Group Sales Corderius Seay
Account Executive, Group Sales Jonathan Seligman
Account Executive, Group Sales Joze Frage
Account Executive, Group Sales Matthew Hochberg
Account Executive, Group Sales William Lamson
Vice President, Human Resources Savan Hacknorath
Senior Director, HR Business Partner Christina King
HRIS Analyst Jin Ye
Human Resources & Payroll Manager Melisa Vicioso
Director, Employee Engagement David Kaye
Talent Acquisition Manager Chelsea Weiner
Coordinator, Human Resources Megan Harmon
Coordinator, Human Resources Geneen Coburn
Payroll Administrator Julian Lee
Senior Director, Information Technology Victor Pereira
Systems Administrator Michael McCarthy
Desktop Support Technician Michael Dressler
Helpdesk Analyst Christopher Llerandi
Vice President & Deputy General Counsel Kari Cohen
Director, External Affairs Sarah Berlenbach
Counsel, Business & Basketball Operations Russell Yavner
Senior Director, Operations Tony Brasile
Manager, Operations Daniel West
Coordinator, Operations Jesse Goldfarb
Assistant, Operations Christina Barcley
Assistant, Operations Sal Manzella
Vice President, Partnership Marketing & Brand Strategy  Ashley Kahler
Vice President, Partnership Marketing Howard Seif
Senior Director, Partnership Marketing Nick Hamilton
Director, Partnership Marketing Katie Cross
Senior Account Executive, Partnership Marketing Jeff Doyle
Senior Account Executive, Partnership Marketing Joe Greenaway
Senior Account Executive, Partnership Marketing Andriana Palmaro
Manager, Partnership Marketing & Brand Strategy Ariel Gaylinn
Manager, Partnership Marketing & Analytics Daniel Gogerty
Account Executive, Partnership Marketing James Buehler
Account Executive, Partnership Marketing Michael Niego
Account Executive, Partnership Marketing Carolyn Seras
Account Coordinator, Partnership Marketing Ganiu Ladipo
Activation Coordinator, Partnership Marketing Melanie Sabol
Activation Coordinator, Partnership Marketing Brett Schulz
Senior Vice President, Ticket Operations Paul Kavanaugh
Director, Ticket Operations Julio Lupo
Senior Manager, Sports Ticketing Operations Meghan Garvey
Manager, Sports Ticketing Operations James Liberti
Pricing Analyst Chandni Dubal
Vice President, Ticket Sales & Service Mike DeMarino
Vice President, Premium Partnerships Mike LaHaie
Senior Director, Premium Partnerships Ross Grill
Director, Premium Partnerships Bryan Nadell
Director, Premium Services Rachel Low
Director, Premium Sales Kevin Friedman
Manager, Premium Sales Mike Hollis
Manager, Premium Sales Matthew Sutter
Manager, Premium Sales Tamara Turnbull
Senior Manager, Premium Partnerships Jordan Iannuzzi
Manager, Premium Partnerships Cameron Nichols
Manager, Premium Partnerships Matthew Sutter
Manager, Premium Partnerships Andrew Beck
Manager, Premium Partnerships Gregory Crawford
Manager, Premium Partnerships Chris Whitney
Coordinator, Premium Partnerships Krystal Tramutola
Director, Ticket Sales Stu Cohen
Senior Account Executive, Ticket Sales John Ronayne
Account Executive, Ticket Sales Anthony Barone
Account Executive, Ticket Sales William Cohn
Account Executive, Ticket Sales Alisa Friscia
Account Executive, Ticket Sales Ben Hartman
Account Executive, Ticket Sales George Hirsch
Coordinator, Ticket Sales Rebecca Li
Manager, Inside Sales Zachary Johnston
Inside Sales Representative Jayson Brenner
Inside Sales Representative Justin Cobin
Inside Sales Representative Riley Kevil
Inside Sales Representative Kassidy Liljeblad
Inside Sales Representative Mikayla Mizruchi
Inside Sales Representative Charlie Nelson
Inside Sales Representative Dylan Wasserman
Inside Sales Representative Ian Zakow
Senior Director, Member Services Christine Bowns
Manager, Premium Services Arden Wright
Coordinator, Member Services Thomas Ahern
Senior Account Manager, Member Services Michael Milhim
Account Manager, Member Services Justin McClafferty
Account Manager, Member Services Natalia Ortega
WFAN (660 AM)
  Chris Carrino
  Tim Capstraw
YES Network Ian Eagle
Mike Fratello
Sarah Kustok
Donny Marshall
Ryan Ruocco
Jim Spanarkel

Home Court: Barclays Center
Capacity: 17,732
Open Date: 2012