Reasons To Be Excited About Training Camp: No. 18 An action-packed October schedule

No. 18: An action-packed October schedule

Top 20 Reasons To Be Excited About Pelicans Training Camp - An action-packed October schedule

While it may not be the most optimal situation for coaches and players, fans who’d like to see the New Orleans Pelicans in game action won’t have to wait long in October. Just four days after training camp opens Oct. 1, the Pelicans will visit the Houston Rockets on Oct. 5 for a Saturday evening preseason game.

In general, NBA teams have had a week-plus of practices before jumping into preseason games, but the team’s 2013 schedule allows for only Tuesday-Friday practices prior to tipping off in Houston’s Toyota Center. Teams generally prefer a longer adjustment period, but the Pelicans may have to do that on the fly given their game schedule.

Not only does New Orleans have a rapid-fire start to Game 1 of preseason, but the team also opens with a three-game road trip over a five-day span. The Pelicans visit Dallas on Oct. 7 and will face Orlando (in Jacksonville, Fla.) on Oct. 9.

Gulf Coast region Pelicans fans will have two opportunities to see their favorite team play in person. New Orleans plays Atlanta on Oct. 13 in Biloxi, Miss., then hosts Miami on Oct. 23 in the renovated New Orleans Arena.

It’s also possible that one or more of the team’s other six preseason games will be picked up for live broadcast by NBA-TV, which has helped dramatically expand the coverage and publicity of the league’s training camps in recent years.