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Tips and Useful Maps for Driving to The Palace of Auburn Hills

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1. Tips and Suggestions
2. Arriving at The Palace
3. Departing from The Palace
4. Driving Directions
5. General Information

Thank you for visiting our Parking Department web page. We hope you will find useful information here that will help make your visit to The Palace more enjoyable. The Parking Department works in close cooperation with the Auburn Hills Police Department, Road Commission for Oakland County and the Michigan Department of Transportation to provide the best traffic management system possible throughout our local traffic corridors.

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  • The traffic signals surrounding The Palace are controlled by the FAST-TRAC system which is one of the most advanced Intelligent Traffic Systems in the world.

    1. Tips and Suggestions

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    Arriving Early
    Guests who wish to avoid heavy traffic at The Palace should plan to arrive at least 45 minutes before game time. There's plenty to do for those who arrive early. You can check out our Locker Room Stores, visit our concession stands or dine in one of our restaurants. There's no better way to beat the traffic than to arrive early and enjoy a gourmet meal at the Palace Grille or Terrace Club.

    Ramp Entrance
    This is the most under-utilized entrance into The Palace. If you see the word OPEN flashing on the sign, then take the onramp to our ramp entrance. This is a quick and easy way to bypass the heavy traffic at our main entrance and get into the lot fast. You can easily get to our VIP lots, Crew lot, Caesars Windsor Club lot, General and Press parking from the ramp entrance.

    North Drive
    The North Drive is located right next to our large electronic marquee sign on M-24. Go around our South Drive to North Drive to avoid the heaviest traffic. You can easily reach our general parking areas, Pistons VIP Club, Suite Lot and Presidents Club Lot.

    Harmon Drive
    Harmon Drive is located on the north end of our parking lot and is another great way to avoid the heavy traffic on M-24. Use Exit 83 and follow the green Palace road signs. You can reach all parking areas from Harmon Drive.

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    2. Arriving at The Palace

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    There are four main entrances to The Palace parking lot. Traffic lights on Lapeer Road are turned on during this time to allow the safest and quickest entry.

    Harmon Road: Use exit 83 from I-75 and enter The Palace of Auburn Hills from Harmon Road.

    North Drive: Enter here to avoid the heavy traffic of the South Entrance.

    South Drive: The main and busiest entrance to The Palace of Auburn Hills.

    I-75 Ramp: Exit Lapeer Road to take advantage of the Ramp Entrance. The Ramp Entrance is for Northbound Lapeer Road traffic only. Look for the "Ramp Entrance Open" sign.

    The I-75 ramp via southbound Lapeer Road is closed to all traffic during peak entrance/exit periods.

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    3. Departing The Palace

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    After Pistons games and large events, The Palace parking lot is divided into sections. Each section is directed to the nearest exit drive. This plan is strictly enforced in order to provide the safest and quickest departure to all guests. You might not be able to exit the same way you entered the lot, but ALL DRIVES LEAD TO I-75!

    Harmon Road: Exit to westbound Harmon Road to I-75 at Joslyn.

    North Drive: Exit to northbound Lapeer Road (M-24) to I-75 at Joslyn via Brown Road.

    South Drive: Exit to southbound Lapeer Road (M-24) to I-75 via M-59 or Opdyke Road.

    Ramp Drive: Exit directly to the I-75 ramp. Right lane is northbound, left lane is southbound.

    The I-75 ramp via southbound Lapeer Road is closed to all traffic at during peak entrance/exit periods.

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    4. Driving Directions

    The Palace of Auburn Hills - Location
    Exit 83 (200)
    Easily accessible off I-75 at Lapeer Road (M-24) in Auburn Hills, Michigan (Exit 81). Also accessible from Exits 79 (University Drive) and 83 (Joslyn Road). Signs showing directions to The Palace are posted from all three exits.

    Exit 83 is Hassle Free!
    Exit on Joslyn Road (Exit 83) and make a right. Make an immediate right onto Harmon Road (signs are posted).

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    Driving Directions from MapQuest

    Two entrances off Lapeer Road (M-24), north of I-75, one entrance off the I-75 interchange (accessible from Northbound Lapeer Road), and one entrance off Harmon Road (on the North border of the property).

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    5. General Information

    Parking Charges
    All Detroit Pistons Home Games
    $15.00 per car
    $30.00 per limo
    $60.00 per bus or RV

    Concert Parking
    $20.00 per car
    $40.00 per limo
    $80.00 per bus or RV

    Lot Services
    The following courtesy services are offered during all Pistons games:

  • Lock-out assistance
  • Jump Starts
  • Help locating cars
  • Tire change
  • Emergency phone calls and calls for Taxi cabs are available from the Guest Service Office (East or West Lobby)
  • *Off-site towing is available through Waterford Towing (at guest's expense)

    Dropping off and Picking Up
    When dropping off a guest for a game, you may enter any drive and will be charged the parking fee. Please obtain a receipt. Drop your party off at the Comcast Pavilion or East Entrance. When exiting the property, present your receipt for a refund of your parking fee. When returning to pick up your party, enter the North entrance on Lapeer Road (next to the marquee sign). There is no charge to return to pick up your party. You should arrange to meet your
    party outside the Comcast Pavilion or East Entrance after the game. We suggest you arrive before the end of the 3rd quarter to avoid heavy outbound traffic. Limos and buses are not eligible for refunds. Refunds are only available for a short time. If you remain on the Palace property for an extended period of time you will not be refunded. All refunds are at our discretion.

    Lot Policies

  • Tailgating is allowed in the parking lot 3 hours prior to game start.
  • Barbequing is allowed as long as the grill is located on pavement (not on landscaped areas, grass, berms, etc.).
  • No alcohol is allowed in the parking lot due to state law.
  • Sale of tickets or merchandise in the parking lot is prohibited by law.
  • Loitering by non-guests is not allowed.
  • Distribution of unauthorized pamphlets, sample CD's, stickers or any other item is strictly prohibited. Please contact our Marketing Department for further information at (248) 377-0100.
  • Disabled Parking
    The Palace offers ample disabled parking in front of all entrances. Our disabled parking spaces exceed state requirements and include van accessible areas. Demand for disabled parking varies by event and overflow areas are always available. The Comcast Pavilion is street level and requires no stairs or elevators to access the concourse. Additional information or special accommodation requests can be made through our Guest Relations
    department by calling (248) 377-0100. *The State of Michigan free disabled parking permit does not apply to private parking lots and is not accepted at The Palace.

    Bus Parking
    Motor-coaches, school buses and other similar sized vehicles are charged $40.00 for parking during Pistons games ($60.00 for concerts). Buses are encouraged to pick-up and drop off in the west lot by pole 5B because of the limited space in our fire lanes. Buses may pick-up and drop off in the North fire lane as long as they are not blocking traffic. This is to facilitate the movement of traffic around the building and provide for the comfort and enjoyment of all guests.

    Buses must do their best to park straight-through two parking spaces in order to take up the fewest number of parking spots. Buses found blocking unnecessary spaces will be asked to move or they could be charged for the additional spaces.

    During peak outbound traffic we recommend that buses not try to jockey for position in the fire lane. The parking staff will do their best to assist buses at all times, however sometimes buses can get caught up in heavy traffic. It is not possible to circle the building after an event because all lanes are flowing outbound. Once a bus enters an outbound lane it is almost impossible to turn it around and you could be forced out onto the local roads. Group discounts and pre-paid bus parking passes may be purchased through our Group Sales Department at (248) 377-0100.

    FAST-TRAC: http://www.rcocweb.org/commuter/fasttrac.asp
    Oakland County Road Commission: http://www.rcocweb.org/
    Michigan Dept. of Transportation: http://www.michigan.gov/mdot

    Contact Information
    Questions or comments about parking or traffic control can be directed to:
    Parking Department
    6 Championship Drive
    Auburn Hills MI 48326
    (248) 377-0100.

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