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I have wanted to be a Spurs Silver Dancer for as long as I can remember. Making the team would be the most amazing and rewarding way to combine my passion for dance and love for basketball.


I want to be a Silver Dancer to become a part of such a great culture and family that represent the city of San Antonio. In addition to being a role model for all aspiring young dancers, including my three beautiful nieces!


I want to be a Spurs Silver Dancer because it's a team of amazing women that I've looked up to since I can remember. Being able to dance with such incredible women while getting to represent the best team and organization in the NBA would be an honor.


It would be an honor to have the opportunity to represent my home NBA team with grace and poise. Being an ambassador of the city and a positive role model as a part of the Spurs family would mean the absolute world to me.


I want to be a Spurs Silver Dancer because I want to continue being a role model in the community and representing the best team in the NBA. My rookie year allowed me to share my passion for dance and love for the Spurs with my teammates and fans from all over the world. It was absolutely amazing and returning to the team would be an honor.


I would love the opportunity to inspire others through my passion for dance and entertainment. Representing and cheering on an elite team next to the BEST fans in the NBA would be an HONOR. Go Spurs Go!!


The past 3 years have allowed me to grow so much not only as a dancer, but as an individual. I would love to be able to continue sharing my passion with our Spurs family and continue to be an ambassador for such an amazing organization both on and off the court.

Brittany C

In my family, being born and raised in San Antonio means being a lifelong SPURS FAN! Becoming a Silver Dancer has been a dream of mine since I was a child. Representing my community in a positive way while doing what I love the most would truly be a dream come true.

Brittany H

I want to be a Silver Dancer because last season was the best year of my entire life. I love to dance and perform, and being a Silver Dancer would allow me to do that with my best friends while being a part of an amazing family, the Spurs Family.


I want to be a Spurs Silver Dancer to share my love for dancing and entertaining. As well as being a dancer, I would love to be a role model for our wonderful fans and it would be an honor to do so for such a great organization like our Spurs family.


My biggest takeaway from being on this team is the leadership role that we present to the community. When I interact with fans, they look up to me the same way I looked at those I aspired to be like. To me, there's no bigger reward than being a role model to our community.


I dance to demonstrate who I am. I've always idolized the Spurs Silver Dancers. Being a part of an organization with a history of leadership, would be a dream come true.


My favorite part about being a Spurs Silver Dancer is definitely entertaining our amazing fans at the games and becoming a role model to those around me. I've become a person I used to look up to growing up and I'd love to share that inspiration with others. It is such an honor and a true blessing to dance for one of the best teams in the NBA while getting involved in the community and I would love to come back for a second year!


To be an influential, positive role model, not only for the Spurs nor the community, but for everyone of all ages who have aspirations they want to achieve. Especially in today's world, I believe everyone needs a positive role model and outlook on life and if I helped them with that, then I have achieved a dream of mine.


Dancing, sports and entertaining are my passions. Being able to perform as well as positively impact and give back to the San Antonio community would be a dream come true.


Making the Silver Spurs Dancers would be a dream come true! It would be an honor to represent one of the BEST teams in the NBA, and get to perform alongside women who share the same passion of dance as me! Go Spurs!


I want to be a Spurs Silver Dancers because I fully understand and know I am capable of upholding all that the incredible Spurs Organization expects out of their talented dancers. It would not only be the greatest honor and privilege but a reward and blessing everyday to be able to have a job as amazing as this one, to do what I love and am most passionate about for the best community, family, and team the NBA has ever known.


I want to become a Spurs Silver Dancer because I know with my passion and dedication to dancing , I can truly contribute and become a great role model to the community.


It was an honor and a privilege to be a Spurs Silver Dancer this past season. It gave me the unique opportunity to combine my love for the Spurs, dance and performing while giving back to the community. I would love to continue to be a positive role model for Spurs Sports and Entertainment.


I want to be a Spurs Silver Dancer because I love performing and giving back to the community. The Spurs organization is all about family and community, and to be a part of such an amazing company would be an absolute dream!


Being from Texas I've always watched the Silver Dancers,seeing the amazing organization they have become, I realized how blessed I would be to share my passion and love for dance and performing with such a great team and community. Being new to the San Antonio area, I have fallen in love with everyone I've met so far on my journey and would be humbled to call them my teammates, sisters and lifelong friends, not to mention become part of the amazing community and organization the Spurs encompass.I would be honored to be able to add my energy, talents, and enthusiasm to the Spurs family.


I want to be a Spurs Silver Dancer so that I can continue to pursue my passion for dancing in front of the best fans in the NBA and alongside some of the most amazing, talented women in San Antonio!


I want to be a Spurs Silver Dancer because I want to inspire young women everywhere that all dreams are attainable and that with a positive mind set they can achieve anything. Being in the finals is an honor and a dream come true already!


Being a Silver Dancer has been a challenging but very fulfilling experience. Getting the opportunity to dance for the best team in the NBA while setting an example for young girls and women brings me nothing less than joy and happiness.


I would love to be a Spurs Silver Dancer because I believe in hard work, precision, and power. I think the Spurs fans are the best out there and I would be beyond blessed if I received the opportunity to share with them my love for dance.


Wanting to become a Silver Dancer was never a "spur"-of-the-moment decision for me. I've always found a major sense of self through dance and always knew I wanted to express this passion in front of fans! (Not to mention for the BEST team in the NBA!)


I would like to be a Silver Dancer because performing and entertaining is my passion. I would not only be a part of in game entertainment, but an ambassador for the San Antonio Spurs as well as the city. Being a dance educator and cheer coach, my students look up to me, and I would love to continue to inspire them to succeed.


I want to be a Silver Dancer again because being in that position grants a unique opportunity to have a positive impact on others, both fans & teammates alike. I feel like I've gained so much during my time on this team and I just want to give back as much as I've received.


To be a Spurs Silver Dancer would be a dream come true. It would be an honor to be an ambassador for the best team in the NBA.


When you hear the words "Spurs Silver Dancers" you immediately think of beautiful, classy, talented role models for the Spurs community and I strive to be a part of that. I want to be given the opportunity to inspire young dancers to follow their dreams and aspirations in life.